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Crepe Hibiscus Flowers – DIY

Hibiscus or shoe flowers can be made using crepe or duplex paper. Here is the DIY Tutorial for these natural looking crepe hibiscus flowers.

Making a Bridal Rose Bouquet using Crepe Paper

Crepe or Duplex paper is so flexible that you can make any realistic looking flower quite easily. Rose flowers for a bridal bouquet can be made using the steps outlined here.

Crepe Paper Daisies

Daisies are suitable for decorating any occasion and for making floral bouquets. These pretty flowers can be made using crepe or duplex paper by following the steps explained below.

Make Daffodil Flowers using Duplex Paper

Natural looking daffodil flowers can be made using duplex paper with just a little effort and in very less time too. So let’s get started…

How to make Carnation flowers using tissue paper

Carnation flowers are simple to make and can be done well under 7 to 10 minutes using colored tissue paper or even using Cleenex. The methodology is outlined here.