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Green and Magenta bead hoop earrings – DIY

Here is how you can make a pair of traditional style bead hoop earrings with small gumball beads and tear drop acrylic beads. Another simple earring design with a tutorial.

Ethnic Clay earrings – DIY

A simple tutorial that will show you how ethnic clay earrings can be made using self hardening clay, acrylic colors, eye pins and fish hook ear wires.  The technique used is simple and can be used to make your own terracotta jewelry style earrings to go with

Easy Floral Studs – Tutorial

If you’re looking to make a piece of jewelry in under five minutes, these floral studs could be your best bet. The supplies needed are basic and you hardly need any of the beading tools for this jewelry making project.

Butterfly bead earrings with a twist – DIY

If you’ve got a piece of silver wire, ear hooks and beads, you can make for yourself these differently designed pair of butterfly bead earrings with silver spiral. So how do you make these earrings? The tutorial follows…

DIY Beaded hoop earrings – Wrapping technique

These beaded hoop earrings are made by wrapping beads in a pattern – quick and easy to make. The technique can be extended to make hoop earrings in different patterns and with different kinds of beads.

Purple Daffodil Earrings DIY

A lovely pair of bead earrings diy is shown here – these earrings are made with a pair of purple color lucite acrylic daffodil beads. 

Crimped Quilling Earrings – Tutorial

Quilling earrings can be made in various designs and present lot of possible design options. But since hoops are my favorite, this time I am going again with quilled hoop earrings – the difference being that crimped quilling strips are used for this pattern.

Quilled Earrings – Traffic signal Inspiration

I thought of starting a series of quilled jewelry drawing inspiration from things I come across in the so called ‘everyday life’. The first in the series is this pair of quilled earrings inspired by traffic signals.

Teardrop Bunch Pattern Quilled Earring

Here are the quilled earrings I made drawing inspiration from a bunch of grapes. These are made using quilled pieces of teardrop pattern and tight coils.