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Lord Krishna’s feet – Kundan rangoli DIY

Here is an easy to make Kundan rangoli DIY tutorial to make this year’s Gokulashtami more special! It is made using OHP sheet as the base and rhinestones have been used for decor.

Purple kundan rangoli – DIY

It felt like it had been quite a while since I made a kundan rangoli and this time wanted to use colors which I hadn’t used before for a rangoli. So, here is a purple kundan rangoli made of rhinestones, decor beads, bead ball chain and a

Red and white Kundan Rangoli mat

A semi-circular kundan rangoli mat is made using white and red rhinestones, some paisley shaped embellishments and a transparent plastic sheet (OHP Sheet).

Tiny Sikku Kolams – 3 X3 matrix

There is a smaller entrance to our house and everyday, we draw some small kolam pattern in front of this entrance. I got bored with the usual small patterns that I drew and so, I came up with these tiny sikku kolams which are drawn on a

Yellow n’ Blue Re-arrangeable Kundan Rangoli

This tutorial explains how a re-arrangeable kundan rangoli can be made using OHP sheets as the base. These rangolis can be used to decorate your homes around the Navrathri and Diwali season.

Transparent Kundan Rangoli in Blue – DIY

This tutorial shows how a transparent Kundan rangoli can be made with OHP sheet as the base. These decorative rangolis can be used during the festive season or to adorn your puja room.

Floating Kundan Diya in green shades – DIY

The previous kundan diya tutorial evoked a good response and I was asked to add a few more such designs… So here goes – a floating kundan diya made using different materials in shades of green. As always, a tutorial follows!

Floating Kundan Diya – DIY

Its hard to imagine how a few rhinestones and a piece of foam can give us these lovely pieces of adornments for a home. Here is a tutorial on how to make a floating kundan diya with simple tea-light candles and rhinestones.

Mini Kundan Rangoli for Puja

For some time now, we’ve been seeing different kundan rangoli designs made on wooden bases. This rangoli here is made on a transparent sheet. It is designed such that it can be set around a puja lamp. This is a single piece rangoli and does not need

Paper Cup Diwali Decor – Kids Craft

Around Diwali time, kids are enthusiastic to play with colors and make something that they can proudly show everyone. This is a Diwali decor that kids (ages 7+) can make using primarily paper cups, colors and sparkle glue. Minimal adult supervision would be required. This decor piece

Wooden Rangoli in Blue and Silver

Following in the series of Kundan Rangoli designs we’ve been seeing this Diwali season, here is another floating rangoli design made on a wooden base. This Wooden Rangoli is made with metallic acrylic colors, pearls, rhinestones, dull gold beads, glitter glue and silver lace.

Wooden Rangoli with Kundans – Tutorial

Wooden Rangoli making tutorial made on a wooden base and decorated using green metallic acrylic color, kundan stones, pearl beads and glitter glue. 

Navratri Craft Ideas Round-Up

Navratri, the nine days of celebrating victory of good over evil begins today. On this day, we have a round-up of simple Navratri craft ideas that could make the “Golu” – dolls display more special.

Decorative Diya and Thali Set – Tutorial

Continuing in our series of Diwali crafts, here we attempt to make a set of decorative diyas and thali. For a change, shades of blue have been used in this decor set. This decorative diya – thali set can also be gifted to your dear ones.

Kundan Rangoli in Gold and Silver

You are going to be seeing kundan rangolis a lot more for the next few weeks. Its festive season and what can bring more sparkle and color to Navratri or Diwali celebrations than a colorful kundan rangoli?! Here is one such floating rangoli plate made on a

Simple Kundan Rangoli – Rearrangeable Style

Here is the first kundan rangoli in the series of rearrange-able kundan rangolis that I plan to feature. Let’s get ready to welcome the festive season with these colorful and sparkly floating rangoli designs. 

Athapookalam Designs for Onam

Pookalam is an arrangement of flowers in the form of a design like a floral rangoli. Athapookalam designs are made during the Onam Festival in Kerala. Here are some Athapookalam designs for this Onam.

Wooden Rangoli Plate for Diya – DIY

Wooden Rangolis are becoming more and more popular probably because of the beauty and charm that they bring to any occasion. This wooden rangoli here is about 5″ X 5″ in size and I’ve made it with the idea of using it as a plate for earthen

Beginner Idukku Pulli Kolam – Steps

Idukku pulli kolam is a type of pulli kolam (dotted kolam) which is drawn on a base of interlaced dots/oodu pulli/idukku pulli. This is a simple idukku pulli kolam for beginners to get comfortable with this type of pulli kolam.

Sikku Border Kolams

Our earlier collection of Sikku Kolams turned out to be useful for a lot of our readers. So I thought of following that with this collection of border kolams in sikku designs (using continuous lines). 

Patachitra Paintings – A Spotlight

Patachitra paintings, the traditional paintings of the state of Odisha (Orissa) are paintings done on fabric such as Tusser silk, cotton, jute and on palm leaves.  The name Patachitra stems from the Sanskrit “Pata” which means cloth and “Chitra” which means painting. This form of painting is

Madhubani Style Pot Painting

Madhubani Paintings, also known as Mithila paintings is one of the ancient forms of painting which originated in Mithila, in the state of Bihar. The paints were made using natural dyes/pigments and painted using twigs or fingers. In the ancient days, the mud walls of houses served

Single piece Kundan Rangoli DIY

The traditional rangolis which have been used for years to adorn homes during festivals have in the recent past acquired a new form of kundan rangolis. Kundan rangolis or floating rangolis as they are sometimes referred to as are made using transparent plastic or cardboard sheets and kundan stones

Corner Bookmarks – DIY

Here is a simple technique to make corner bookmarks using card stock. These corner bookmarks are quite useful and they look cute too! You can make unique bookmarks in different designs using this method. Bookmarks make good giveaways too. You can customize these to suit different occasions.

Simple 5X5 Kambi Kolam Designs

These Kolam designs are the ones that came out as a result of my experimentation with 5 X 5 matrix dots. The 5 X 5 matrix is my favorite because these are the ones that come in handy when you’re in a hurry and you have to

Sangu Rangoli Designs – For an auspicious New Year

A couple of rangoli designs which can be drawn for the New Year. Sangu or Shank in Sanskrit (conch shell) is considered to be a sacred object which is blown at the start of an auspicious occasion.  Conch shells bring out a sound which is considered Divine

Butterfly Rangoli Designs

Here are a couple of pretty and colorful butterfly rangoli designs shown step by step for you to try.

Beginner Rangoli Designs – Floral Pattern

Here are some rangoli designs drawn using 6 X 6  straight dots. These are simple designs and are suitable forbeginners and those who want to draw smaller colorful patterns.

Star Rangoli Designs

Here is a collection of star rangoli designs to add more sparkle to your festive season. These Rangoli designs are suitable for any occasion, be it Diwali or Christmas.

Flower Border Kolams

The kolam patterns drawn to make the border for your main kolam can add charm and perfection to your overall kolam design. Here are a few flower designs which can be drawn as borders for your kolams.