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Madhubani Bookmark – DIY

As the love for Madhubani continues to grow, here is how you could make some classy bookmarks designed the Madhubani way. Following is a tutorial on making madhubani bookmarks…

Madhubani Clay Magnets – DIY

Madhubani or Mithila paintings are one of the traditional paintings of India and are known for their bright colors and distinct style. In this tutorial here, we try to bring this beautiful art form in small colorful magnets made out of clay.

Thermocol Wall Art – Painting

Recently I made quite a large painting on a sheet of thermocol for my wall. Here is the thermocol wall art…

Stained Glass Painting Work – Tutorial

This tutorial will show how to make a glass painting design on glassware for a stained glass effect in a few simple steps. The stained glass effect is generally seen on windows and decorative glassware. This is one of the widely used techniques in painting glass other

Wooden Spoons Decor

Decorated wooden spoons can be hung in your kitchen to add a little color and as a piece of adornment. Making these doesn’t take too much time either. What’s more, you can experiment with different designs and colors to suit your mood.

Patachitra Paintings – A Spotlight

Patachitra paintings, the traditional paintings of the state of Odisha (Orissa) are paintings done on fabric such as Tusser silk, cotton, jute and on palm leaves.  The name Patachitra stems from the Sanskrit “Pata” which means cloth and “Chitra” which means painting. This form of painting is

Madhubani Style Pot Painting

Madhubani Paintings, also known as Mithila paintings is one of the ancient forms of painting which originated in Mithila, in the state of Bihar. The paints were made using natural dyes/pigments and painted using twigs or fingers. In the ancient days, the mud walls of houses served

Van Gogh’s Sunflower Paintings

The Sunflower paintings are a series of paintings by one of the most famous painters of all times, Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh painted many of these painting while he was in France primarily during the late 1880s.It is said that the first painting was made by

Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918)

Gustav Klimt, the artist known for his sketches and murals, the Symbolist painter was born in the year 1862 near Vienna. Klimt took up art seriously and studies in the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts till the year 1883. During this period, he developed a liking

Pot Painting – Warli style

A quick tutorial where we would be experimenting with a combination of pot painting and the traditional Warli paintings.