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Quilling Christmassy Earrings – DIY

This is a DIY on making quiling earrings in the Christmassy colors red and green. This is my first attempt at making something using Susan’s beehive quilling technique as well! So let’s begin the tute on making these pretty pair of Christmassy earrings…!

Quilling Christmas Tree Card

Here is a handmade quilling Christmas tree card made using patterned card, white card stock and paper strips for quilling. Small white rhinestones have been used minimally. The colors are mild giving the card a simple and elegant look.

Floral Embellishments Christmas Card

Handmade Christmas card made using card stock, patterned card, floral embellishments and paper quilling strips.

Yellow Green Handmade Christmas Card

Here is a handmade Christmas card made using patterned card, card stock and paper strips for quilling. Small rhinestones have been used minimally for an extra bling. The colors are cheerful and that’s what I like about it!

Glass Colored Christmas Ornaments – DIY

A lovely set of Christmas ornaments made using transparent plastic sheets or OHP sheets and painted with glass colors for a translucent effect. Adorned with rhinestones and sparkle glue…

Easy Origami Star Ornament – Tutorial

Star ornaments are the easy origami models to make and they are yet so charming!! The origami star ornament we see in this tutorial is one of the simple models around and can be made as a Christmas ornament, a holiday decor in big and small sizes or even

Origami Christmas Tree – DIY

A few neat paper folds can get you these pretty decorative origami Christmas trees – you can use them as ornaments, table center pieces and decor. These are very simple to make too… Check out the tutorial below.

Quilling Poinsettia Ornament – DIY

This tutorial shows how a quilling poinsettia ornament can be made to add charm to your Christmas tree. These adorable ornaments are pretty simple to make and are quilled using strips of paper.

Hanging Ornaments Handmade Christmas Card

Here is a handmade christmas card made using red card stock as base. Patterned paper, glitter glue, rhinestones and sequins have been used to make this simple Christmas card.

Quilled Snowflakes

This post here is my attempt at making a basic snowflake design using the technique of quilling. The quilled snowflake has been made using white quilling strips. These snowflakes can also be easily turned into pendants.

Duplex (or Crepe Paper) Flowers Wreath

After making the hibiscus and daffodil flowers using duplex paper, I wanted to use the left over paper to make some flowers which were easy. So I chose to make this wreath out of red and yellow duplex paper flowers. I kind of liked how they turned

Gift Boxes using Card stock – DIY

Gift boxes can be done quickly from card stock using this simple technique. This technique is definitely age old, but nevertheless comes in handy every time around the holiday season.

Traditional Origami Star – How To

Here is how you could make the traditional origami star. I’ve tried to make the tutorial self explanatory with the pictures. Have fun!

Cute Mini Envelopes Tutorial

These mini envelopes are quick to make and are quite addictive. You will need a small piece of thin card to make this envelope.

Crepe or Duplex Paper Poinsettia – DIY

Poinsettia flowers are my favorite – they’ve got a festive look in them, I don’t know how but just looking at them brings a feeling of joy (maybe its the but the red and green color?) and now I’ve got one more reason, they’re simple to make too!

Origami Kusudama Star Model – DIY

This Kusudama Star model can be made quite easily. All you need is a little patience and about 30 to 40 minutes to spare.

Quilled Basket of Flowers

Flowers are the ‘perfect’ gift for any occasion. And here is my first attempt at making a quilled basket of flowers made to gift around the holidays.

Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

These three dimensional paper ball ornaments are easy to do and are sure to make your Christmas trees look prettier.

Heart Shaped Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can make heart shaped Christmas tree ornaments by recycling gift wrapping paper. Here is how.

How to Make an Elf Hat

Following in the series of hats, here is the tutorial to make an Elf Hat using felt or velvet cloth. I’ve used velvet cloth for this tutorial. The technique of making the elf hat is similar to how we made the Santa Hat sometime before.

Star Rangoli Designs

Here is a collection of star rangoli designs to add more sparkle to your festive season. These Rangoli designs are suitable for any occasion, be it Diwali or Christmas.

Making a Felt Santa Hat – DIY

Here is how you can make a Santa hat for Christmas using felt. The same technique can be used to make Christmas hats using other types of fabric.

Paper Flower Christmas Ornaments – DIY

Making ornaments and gift wraps for the holiday season is an exciting and fun activity to do. This DIY tutorial will show you how to make flowery Christmas ornaments using paper.

Origami Christmas Tree Card

This is a Christmas tree card which we will make using the origami card embellishment we made some time back.

Make a Paper Cup Christmas Tree

Following in the series of Christmas crafts we’ve been making, here is how kids can make a simple paper cup Christmas tree, a fun craft activity for kids to do.

Origami 6 point star (Star of David)

Following in the Christmas Origami series is the Origami Star of David which can be made using the steps explained. This is a modular origami model in which we will make 2 paper units and assemble them together.

Modular Origami Eight Point Star

This modular origami star is one of the easiest models to make. You can use these finished models to decorate your homes.

Make an Origami Holly Leaf

For those of you who want to put up holly leaf decorations or want to make a holly leaf wreath, these origami holly leaves could come handy.

Simple Holly Leaf Christmas Card

A simple card with holly leaves and cherries can be made for Christmas. You will need card stock, rhinestones, felt, red buttons and sparkle glue.

Colorful Holiday Card

Here is how you can make a colorful card for the Holiday season.