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Origami Turkey – Folding Instructions

Instructions to fold an origami turkey using paper. This is a simple model which kids can do as a Thanksgiving day project. Many such turkeys can be made in different colors and strung like a banner – easy Thanksgiving decor!

Make Triangular units for 3D Origami

Many of our visitor friends ask how to make the triangular units for building 3D Modular Origami models. This simple tutorial is to explain that.

Modular Origami Lemon – Tutorial

The Modular origami lemon is one one of the easy to assemble modular origami fruit models. This half cut lemon model will be a nice addition to you origami fruit tray. We will be using yellow and white color paper for this model. The DIY tutorial is

3D Origami Frog Instructions

A tutorial showing how to make a 3D origami frog using the modular origami technique. This frog is made using 1/32 size pieces of paper. The difficulty is intermediate and doesn’t consume too much time.

Chinese 3D Origami Peacock

The modular origami technique of making models using triangular units of paper has a million possibilities, but the most gorgeous one is definitely the types of origami peacocks you could do using these units.

Two Color Origami Heart – Instructions

An origami heart with dual color can be made using a one sided sheet of paper by following these simple steps.

Origami Crow Folding Instructions

Steps to fold an origami crow using a sheet of paper is given here. This is a simple origami model which kids can make.

Paper Steamboat – Folding Instructions

Origami Steamboat is another origami model that is easy to fold and requires a few simple steps. Here are the instructions.

3D Origami Lotus – Instructions

Tutorial for making a three dimensional origami lotus using triangular paper units is explained here. I’ve tried to make the steps as clear as possible. Hope you enjoy making this beautiful paper lotus.

Origami Menko – Folding Instructions

An origami menko is one of the traditional modular origami models in which two paper units are connected to form the model. This origami model is the precursor the origami cube which was designed based on the folding technique of a menko. Menkos are one of the