Origami – DIY Archive

How to make a 3D Origami Vase

Here is the tutorial based on my attempt at making an Origami vase. As you can see, a round vase design has been made.

Modular Origami Panda Bear – DIY

This modular origami panda bear assembly is quite simple and the steps are similar to the Hello Kitty Doll we made sometime before. The tutorial follows..

3D Origami Hat – Tutorial

For beginners of 3D/Modular origami, this origami hat model would be ideal. It would not test your patience much and it is simple to assemble too.

3D Origami Easter Egg – Tutorial

With just a few more days for Easter, I just thought I’d make a 3 dimensional origami Easter Egg.

Origami Fortune Teller

The origami fortune teller is one of the origami models we would have made during our childhood days. This fortune teller has sure helped me make some ‘important’ decisions! Here is how you could make a colorful origami fortune teller model. Now you can get to know

Traditional Origami Star – How To

Here is how you could make the traditional origami star. I’ve tried to make the tutorial self explanatory with the pictures. Have fun!

Origami Cap

Here is how you can make a paper cap using the technique of Origami. The size of the paper used here is 8″ X 8″ for the purpose of demonstration. You would need a bigger sheet of paper if you actually want to use the cap!

Origami Jewelry making – Origami Pendant

We will be making a pendant as we start with origami jewelry; the technique of making these types of origami pendants is real simple. Just find a sheet of designed paper of your choice, a piece of metal string, glue and you are on board.

Crepe or Duplex Paper Poinsettia – DIY

Poinsettia flowers are my favorite – they’ve got a festive look in them, I don’t know how but just looking at them brings a feeling of joy (maybe its the but the red and green color?) and now I’ve got one more reason, they’re simple to make too!

Origami Corner Bookmark Tutorial

One of the useful models of origami is an origami corner bookmark which can be made in a few simple steps. Gift wrapping paper has been up-cycled and used for this bookmark.

Origami Hand Bag – DIY

Make a simple traditional origami hand bag.

Paper Softie

A cute looking paper soft serve cone can be made using colored origami paper.

Checked Heart – Origami

Here is how you can make a checked heart using paper.

St. Patrick’s Day Origami – Four Leaf Clover

Here is the first Origami model suited for St.Patrick’s Day. A four leaf modular origami model is done here.

3D Origami Cup Cake

For my cousin’s birthday this year, I decided to make a cute cup cake which she probably can not eat, but that which she can keep safely without having to refrigerate it.

Origami Kusudama Star Model – DIY

This Kusudama Star model can be made quite easily. All you need is a little patience and about 30 to 40 minutes to spare.

Making Paper Grass – Origami

Origami Grass will come in handy when making an origami scenery. Here are the steps to fold paper grass.

Origami Cloud

An origami cloud is one of the easy origami models that is suitable for kids. Here is the tutorial.

How to Fold an Origami Shirt

Origami clothes are fun to make and most of the require only a few folds to get a finished model. Here is how you can fold a shirt using the technique of Origami.

Christmas Tree Card Embellishment

A Christmas tree card can be done in a simpler fashion using this Christmas tree embellishment made using the technique of Origami.

Origami 6 point star (Star of David)

Following in the Christmas Origami series is the Origami Star of David which can be made using the steps explained. This is a modular origami model in which we will make 2 paper units and assemble them together.

Modular Origami Eight Point Star

This modular origami star is one of the easiest models to make. You can use these finished models to decorate your homes.

Origami Rabbit

A cute bunny rabbit can be made in a few folds, the folding instructions of which follow.

Origami Lantern

Few quick steps to make an origami paper lantern.

Make an Origami Holly Leaf

For those of you who want to put up holly leaf decorations or want to make a holly leaf wreath, these origami holly leaves could come handy.

Origami Envelope

You can make an origami envelope by making a few quick folds of a sheet of paper.

How to Make a Venus Kusudama

There are many variations of a Japanese paper ball, here is one such variation – Venus Kusudama which is made using units of four petal flowers. 

Origami Fir Tree Tutorial

Origami Pine tree ornaments can be made to brighten up your festive season. 

Origami Christmas Bell

Fold a paper bell in a few easy steps.

How to fold an Origami Santa Cap

Steps to fold an Origami Santa Cap using one sided origami paper has been explained. These could be made in smaller sizes and be used as Christmas ornaments.