Modular Origami Archive

3D Origami cactus with flower – Tutorial

It has been quite a while since we had a tutorial on origami… we bounce back with this tutorial on making a 3D origami cactus and a lovely pink flower to go with it! Let’s waste no time – heading to the tutorial…

3D Origami ladybug – Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to make a 3D Origami ladybug using triangular units of paper. This is yet another easy 3d origami model which beginners could also try. 

3D Origami Mini Fish – Tutorial

Here is a tutorial explaining how to make a 3D origami mini fish… this is a model suitable for beginners with simple assembly and requiring only a few paper triangular units.

3D Origami Dragon – Tutorial

One of the popular Chinese origami models is the three dimensional origami dragon made using triangular units of folded paper. This is a mini dragon model and the assembly is pretty simple!

3D Origami Penguin – Instructions

The 3D Origami Penguin is an easy modular origami model that is suitable for beginners and can be done with a total of just 147 units!

3D Origami Tulip – Tutorial

Instructions to make a 3D Origami Tulip using triangular units of paper with the Modular origami technique have been provided. The steps are fairly simple and this is a beginner level modular origami model.

3D Origami Candy Bowl – Tutorial

Take a candy everyone… is 2 years old today! Thank you all for your support and patronage!! Today we will see a 3D Origami Bowl model to hold colorful candy. This 3D Origami bowl is a bit time consuming and can be done in different sizes

Make Triangular units for 3D Origami

Many of our visitor friends ask how to make the triangular units for building 3D Modular Origami models. This simple tutorial is to explain that.

Modular Origami Lemon – Tutorial

The Modular origami lemon is one one of the easy to assemble modular origami fruit models. This half cut lemon model will be a nice addition to you origami fruit tray. We will be using yellow and white color paper for this model. The DIY tutorial is

3D Origami Frog Instructions

A tutorial showing how to make a 3D origami frog using the modular origami technique. This frog is made using 1/32 size pieces of paper. The difficulty is intermediate and doesn’t consume too much time.