Kirigami Archive

Kirigami Spider Web – Tutorial

There are many easy Kirigami works that one could do as decor, for ornaments, cards and so on. This project is to make spider webs using the technique of kirigami.

Tissue Paper Doilies – DIY

This is how you could make tissue paper doilies using the technique of kirigami. The method is similar to how we made paper snowflakes. You can make similar kind of doilies using starched fabric as well with crisper cuts for a clear pattern.

Making Chinese Paper Lanterns

Chinese paper lanterns can be made using the simple technique of Kirigami. These lanterns can brighten up your decoration for parties and you can make customized lanterns for Halloween in orange and black.

How to make a Kirigami Paper Star

This paper star slash snowflake model can be done using the simple technique of Kirigami in which a piece of paper is cut to get the desired pattern. I’ve attempted a colorful paper star here.

How to make a pop-up Kirigami lotus

Given below is a simple technique which can be used to make pop-up greeting using origami paper; we will make a simple popup lotus using this technique.

How to Make Paper Snowflakes – Instructions

This is a simple craft which can be done with a square piece of paper and scissors. Paper snowflakes making is a fun activity for kids specially around the holiday season.