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3D Origami cactus with flower – Tutorial

It has been quite a while since we had a tutorial on origami… we bounce back with this tutorial on making a 3D origami cactus and a lovely pink flower to go with it! Let’s waste no time – heading to the tutorial…

Origami Favor Box – Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make origami favor boxes using patterned paper. The steps have been explained in detail although this is an easy beginner level model and can be made quickly.

3D Origami ladybug – Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to make a 3D Origami ladybug using triangular units of paper. This is yet another easy 3d origami model which beginners could also try. 

3D Origami Mini Fish – Tutorial

Here is a tutorial explaining how to make a 3D origami mini fish… this is a model suitable for beginners with simple assembly and requiring only a few paper triangular units.

3D Origami Dragon – Tutorial

One of the popular Chinese origami models is the three dimensional origami dragon made using triangular units of folded paper. This is a mini dragon model and the assembly is pretty simple!

3D Origami Penguin – Instructions

The 3D Origami Penguin is an easy modular origami model that is suitable for beginners and can be done with a total of just 147 units!

Easy Origami Star Ornament – Tutorial

Star ornaments are the easy origami models to make and they are yet so charming!! The origami star ornament we see in this tutorial is one of the simple models around and can be made as a Christmas ornament, a holiday decor in big and small sizes or even

Origami Christmas Tree – DIY

A few neat paper folds can get you these pretty decorative origami Christmas trees – you can use them as ornaments, table center pieces and decor. These are very simple to make too… Check out the tutorial below.

3D Origami Tulip – Tutorial

Instructions to make a 3D Origami Tulip using triangular units of paper with the Modular origami technique have been provided. The steps are fairly simple and this is a beginner level modular origami model.

3D Origami Candy Bowl – Tutorial

Take a candy everyone… Artplatter.com is 2 years old today! Thank you all for your support and patronage!! Today we will see a 3D Origami Bowl model to hold colorful candy. This 3D Origami bowl is a bit time consuming and can be done in different sizes

Origami Turkey – Folding Instructions

Instructions to fold an origami turkey using paper. This is a simple model which kids can do as a Thanksgiving day project. Many such turkeys can be made in different colors and strung like a banner – easy Thanksgiving decor!

Make Triangular units for 3D Origami

Many of our visitors ask how to make the triangular units for building 3D Modular Origami models. This simple tutorial is to explain that.

Modular Origami Lemon – Tutorial

The Modular origami lemon is one one of the easy to assemble modular origami fruit models. This half cut lemon model will be a nice addition to you origami fruit tray. We will be using yellow and white color paper for this model. The DIY tutorial is

3D Origami Frog Instructions

A tutorial showing how to make a 3D origami frog using the modular origami technique. This frog is made using 1/32 size pieces of paper. The difficulty is intermediate and doesn’t consume too much time.

Chinese 3D Origami Peacock

The modular origami technique of making models using triangular units of paper has a million possibilities, but the most gorgeous one is definitely the types of origami peacocks you could do using these units.

Two Color Origami Heart – Instructions

An origami heart with dual color can be made using a one sided sheet of paper by following these simple steps.

Origami Crow Folding Instructions

Steps to fold an origami crow using a sheet of paper is given here. This is a simple origami model which kids can make.

Paper Steamboat – Folding Instructions

Origami Steamboat is another origami model that is easy to fold and requires a few simple steps. Here are the instructions.

3D Origami Lotus – Instructions

Tutorial for making a three dimensional origami lotus using triangular paper units is explained here. I’ve tried to make the steps as clear as possible. Hope you enjoy making this beautiful paper lotus.

Origami Menko – Folding Instructions

An origami menko is one of the traditional modular origami models in which two paper units are connected to form the model. This origami model is the precursor the origami cube which was designed based on the folding technique of a menko. Menkos are one of the

Simple 3D Origami Vase – Tutorial

Origami Vases can be made in different shapes and sizes. Sometime back we made a little complex origami vase using more than 700 paper units. The vase we are about to do here today requires lesser time and is simple to make.

Kirigami Spider Web – Tutorial

There are many easy Kirigami works that one could do as decor, for ornaments, cards and so on. This project is to make spider webs using the technique of kirigami.

Cherry Blossoms Kusudama – Tutorial

There are many types of the traditional kusudama. This beautiful art of paper folding will never stop surprising you. The various patterns and the different method of making the units only result in increasing my kusudama addiction! The one we see here is a Sakuradama or a

Origami Samurai Helmet

Hat making is always cherished by kids as it is something they can make, wear and ‘show off’ with pride. Origami Samurai helmet or hat is a fun origami model for kids to make and wear. It involves a few easy steps and will come in handy

Origami Heart Corner Bookmark Tutorial

A lovely corner bookmark made using a few simple folds of paper. This bookmark can be made as a Valentines’s Day give away with initials inscribed. I’ve used handmade paper to make this bookmark. You can even make a banner with these paper hearts.

Tissue Paper Doilies – DIY

This is how you could make tissue paper doilies using the technique of kirigami. The method is similar to how we made paper snowflakes. You can make similar kind of doilies using starched fabric as well with crisper cuts for a clear pattern.

3D Origami Butterfly – Tutorial

3D Origami is so addictive…I just can’t stop making these models… albeit time consuming! I loved the colors in this origami butterfly…

Origami Heart Wreath – Tutorial

The art of making origami models using triangular units is an awesome technique indeed! Triangular paper units can be used to make different models ranging from simple to complex. The model shown here is a simple heart wreath and is perfect for Valentine’s Day decor.

Modular Origami Orange – Tutorial

A very natural looking three dimensional origami orange fruit can be done by following the steps explained below.

Modular Origami Strawberry – Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how you could make a modular origami strawberry by assembling triangular paper units.