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Red and white Kundan Rangoli mat

A semi-circular kundan rangoli mat is made using white and red rhinestones, some paisley shaped embellishments and a transparent plastic sheet (OHP Sheet).

Rhinestone pot decor – DIY

Here is how you can use rhinestones and acrylic colors to decorate a pot made of clay… It is a simple project…I have chosen the color, pattern and way of decorating the pot purely based on the shape of my pot. You can get creative and try

Duck clay coaster – DIY

Few days back we featured a tutorial on how a coaster can be made using clay. Here is another tutorial on similar lines… this is a colorful clay coaster made using air dry terracotta clay.

Clay butterfly decor – DIY

Sometime back, I was telling you about a craft exhibition organized by Dastkar… I bought two small butterflies made out of clay at this fair. These butterflies each was prices at about ten bucks (Rupees) and I had to buy them. There is a small loop made

Clay owl coaster tutorial

This clay owl coaster tutorial post is a little special to me. This is the first post by a guest contributor on this site… and who is this guest contributor you ask?! Just like me, he has a deep interest in arts and crafts and has been

Toonish Foam Magnets – Tutorial

Craft foam is a fun material to work with. The bright colors are suitable for a variety of craft projects. Here is a simple project with steps on how to make foam magnets.

Tulsi Pot Diya Decor – DIY

Tulsi pot or tulsi maadam as it is called is considered auspicious and adorns many homes. This tutorial shows how a tulsi pot shaped diya can be decorated in a simple and charming manner.

Fabric tape tea lights – DIY

Here is how you could add some color to tea light candles… A set of fabric tape tea lights have been made using fabric tape in different colors and patterns… Such a simple craft project to instantly add color to your homes!!

Kalash Tikka Holder – DIY

This is a simple activity which involves embellishing a plain roli tikka holder with materials of your choice. This decorated tikka holder can be used to invite guests for festivals such as Navrathri and Diwali.  These can also be cool giveaways for Navrathri!

LadyBug Magnet – Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make a cute refrigerator magnet using self hardening clay. This ladybug magnet is easy to shape and paint…so you could give it a shot!

Floating Kundan Diya in green shades – DIY

The previous kundan diya tutorial evoked a good response and I was asked to add a few more such designs… So here goes – a floating kundan diya made using different materials in shades of green. As always, a tutorial follows!

Nursery wall art – DIY

Here is a tutorial on making a cool nursery wall art on a piece of card stock. The technique can be extended to make a similar piece on canvas and cloth to adorn your wall!

Bunch of Quilled Flowers – DIY

In this project, we attempt to make a wall hanging of quilled flowers and leaves in a simple and elegant pattern. Quilling strips in Orange, Off white and green have been primarily used for this work.

Popsicle sticks coaster – Easy craft for kids

Popsicle sticks or craft sticks as they are referred to can be used in a variety of easy craft projects for kids. This tutorial shows how a Popsicle sticks coaster can be made in a few quick steps.

Floating Kundan Diya – DIY

Its hard to imagine how a few rhinestones and a piece of foam can give us these lovely pieces of adornments for a home. Here is a tutorial on how to make a floating kundan diya with simple tea-light candles and rhinestones.

Newspaper Basket DIY

This newspaper basket DIY shows you how to weave a basket out of newspaper strips. A cool up-cycling project that can be done by kids too! All you need is some old newspapers, thin cardboard, scissors and glue. So shall we begin?

Crepe Paper Tulips – Tutorial

After a brief hiatus, I am back with this tutorial on how some really lovely and cheerful tulips can be made using crepe paper or duplex paper. The technique of making these flowers is explained below…

Mini Kundan Rangoli for Puja

For some time now, we’ve been seeing different kundan rangoli designs made on wooden bases. This rangoli here is made on a transparent sheet. It is designed such that it can be set around a puja lamp. This is a single piece rangoli and does not need

Madhubani Clay Magnets – DIY

Madhubani or Mithila paintings are one of the traditional paintings of India and are known for their bright colors and distinct style. In this tutorial here, we try to bring this beautiful art form in small colorful magnets made out of clay.

Wooden Rangoli with Kundans – Tutorial

Wooden Rangoli making tutorial made on a wooden base and decorated using green metallic acrylic color, kundan stones, pearl beads and glitter glue. 

Decorative Diyas for Diwali – Metallic Shades

A selection of 4 decorative diyas (lamps) has been showcased. One of the diya designs comes with a tutorial – these ideas are fairly easy and are made using metallic acrylic colors, rhinestones and sparkle glue.

Navratri Craft Ideas Round-Up

Navratri, the nine days of celebrating victory of good over evil begins today. On this day, we have a round-up of simple Navratri craft ideas that could make the “Golu” – dolls display more special.

Decorative Diya and Thali Set – Tutorial

Continuing in our series of Diwali crafts, here we attempt to make a set of decorative diyas and thali. For a change, shades of blue have been used in this decor set. This decorative diya – thali set can also be gifted to your dear ones.

Kundan Rangoli in Gold and Silver

You are going to be seeing kundan rangolis a lot more for the next few weeks. Its festive season and what can bring more sparkle and color to Navratri or Diwali celebrations than a colorful kundan rangoli?! Here is one such floating rangoli plate made on a

Simple Kundan Rangoli – Rearrangeable Style

Here is the first kundan rangoli in the series of rearrange-able kundan rangolis that I plan to feature. Let’s get ready to welcome the festive season with these colorful and sparkly floating rangoli designs. 

Ganesh Chaturthi Umbrella – Tutorial

This is a simple craft which can be done for Lord Ganesh marking the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. This work would take about 30 minutes of your time and can be customized in different colors and designs as per your choice.

Thermocol Wall Art – Painting

Recently I made quite a large painting on a sheet of thermocol for my wall. Here is the thermocol wall art…

Stained Glass Painting Work – Tutorial

This tutorial will show how to make a glass painting design on glassware for a stained glass effect in a few simple steps. The stained glass effect is generally seen on windows and decorative glassware. This is one of the widely used techniques in painting glass other

Stone Studded Push Pins

Push pins can be transformed into pretty pieces with rhinestone toppings in a few minutes. These board pins can add an element of sparkle to your work space and lift up your mood. Crystals can alternatively be used for this.

Rhinestone Coasters – Party Special

These simple to make rhinestone coasters are suitable for parties bringing with them some sparkle. You would need a wooden or ceramic tile of a suitable size, some rhinestones and white adhesive (or Mod Podge). Pre-cut wooden floor samples (laminated) work very well for these coasters.