Rhinestone pot decor – DIY

Here is how you can use rhinestones and acrylic colors to decorate a pot made of clay… It is a simple project…I have chosen the color, pattern and way of decorating the pot purely based on the shape of my pot. You can get creative and try with different patterns depending on the shape of your pot – let us head over to the rhinestone pot decor tutorial! Continue reading

Clay owl coaster

Clay owl coaster tutorial

This clay owl coaster tutorial post is a little special to me. This is the first post by a guest contributor on this site… and who is this guest contributor you ask?! Just like me, he has a deep interest in arts and crafts and has been a closet artist for long. My continuous nagging has finally brought one of his art projects to light… our latest guest contributor – my dearest husband !!

This coaster has been made using air dry terracotta clay. He had bought this in Ananda stationery, Adyar Chennai. Continue reading