Flower Making Archive

Crepe Paper Tulips – Tutorial

After a brief hiatus, I am back with this tutorial on how some really lovely and cheerful tulips can be made using crepe paper or duplex paper. The technique of making these flowers is explained below…

Fringed Felt Flower Tutorial

Here is a tutorial with steps to make a fringed felt flower. This is a simple flower making work and needs no sewing. These felt flowers can be used on multiple art and craft projects.

Stocking Flowers making – Tutorial

This tutorial will show how to make flowers using stocking cloth and metal string. The steps to make these flowers is fairly simple and needs only a little time.

Duplex (or Crepe Paper) Flowers Wreath

After making the hibiscus and daffodil flowers using duplex paper, I wanted to use the left over paper to make some flowers which were easy. So I chose to make this wreath out of red and yellow duplex paper flowers. I kind of liked how they turned

Fabric Scrap Rosettes Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to do this tutorial on making fabric rosettes for a long time now. So when I found a piece of nice fabric scrap, that piece was transformed into a pretty flower in no time.

Spiral Foam Roses – Tutorial

This DIY tutorial will show you how to make foam roses using the spiral cut technique. This is one of the old techniques to make roses quickly. The technique is simple and you can make these along with your kids as a fun project. Supplies: We will

Easy Ribbon Flowers Tutorial

Satin ribbons are used for making a variety of accessories and embellishments. Following the tutorial on making hair bows, here is how you can make cute ribbon flowers using satin ribbons.

Paper Roses Quilling

This is a simple tutorial on paper roses quilling. You will need a paper strip and a slotted quilling tool to make these roses. This isn’t really an advanced technique, so even beginners could get this done quite easily.

How to Make Accordion Flowers

Paper accordion flowers are one of the ‘really easy’ flowers to make. You can put these up as party decor, make a bouquet of these flowers or use them as embellishments on cards and gift wraps.

Felt Hydrangea Flowers – DIY

Hydrangeas, the small and pretty flowers are one of my favorites. I made a little bouquet of pink hydrangeas to give my mom this mother’s day. And the cherry on top is that I get to use my favorite material – felt. I saw a beautiful bouquet of clay

Vintage Lace Rosette – DIY

Lace Rosettes are used to adorn dresses, on hairbands and as embellishments on gifts or greeting cards.

How to make a Paper Rose

There are many ways to make a paper rose. Here is one of the methods which I consider to be quite simple.

Wool Billy Button Flowers DIY

Craspedia flowers or billy buttons can be made using wool yarn to brighten up the living room. These flowers are one of the simplest flowers to make too!

Crepe or Duplex Paper Poinsettia – DIY

Poinsettia flowers are my favorite – they’ve got a festive look in them, I don’t know how but just looking at them brings a feeling of joy (maybe its the but the red and green color?) and now I’ve got one more reason, they’re simple to make too!

Polymer Clay Lilies – DIY

Its been long since I made something using Polymer clay. Calla lilies are made here using M Seal (alternatively polymer clay can be used). A simple tutorial follows.

Paper Flower Christmas Ornaments – DIY

Making ornaments and gift wraps for the holiday season is an exciting and fun activity to do. This DIY tutorial will show you how to make flowery Christmas ornaments using paper.

Crepe (or Duplex) Plumeria Flowers

These Plumeria flowers can be made using crepe or duplex paper. The method of making the flowers is similar to the hibiscus DIY tutorial using the single petal method.

Crepe Hibiscus Flowers – DIY

Hibiscus or shoe flowers can be made using crepe or duplex paper. Here is the DIY Tutorial for these natural looking crepe hibiscus flowers.

Making a Bridal Rose Bouquet using Crepe Paper

Crepe or Duplex paper is so flexible that you can make any realistic looking flower quite easily. Rose flowers for a bridal bouquet can be made using the steps outlined here.

Making Felt Roses

This tutorial will show you how to make felt roses in a few quick steps. These roses can be used as embellishments in clothing, for decorating pillows, for making a bridal bouquet and so on.

Crepe Paper Daisies

Daisies are suitable for decorating any occasion and for making floral bouquets. These pretty flowers can be made using crepe or duplex paper by following the steps outlined below.

Make Daffodil Flowers using Duplex Paper

Natural looking daffodil flowers can be made using duplex paper with just a little effort and in very less time too. So let’s get started…

How to make Carnation flowers using tissue paper

Carnation flowers are simple to make and can be done well under 7 to 10 minutes using colored tissue paper or even using Cleenex. The methodology is outlined here.

How to make Crystal Flowers

A tutorial which will show you how to make crystal flowers using plastic crystal gems. You can alternatively use rhinestones to make these flowers.

How to make Clay Roses

This tutorial will show you how to make a tiny bouquet of roses using Thai clay, polymer clay or alternatively m-seal.

Making Tissue Paper Flowers

This is a simple tutorial which explains how to make daisy flowers using tissue paper. These tissue paper flowers can add a little color to handmade cards or a bunch of these flowers can be arranged in a vase.

How to make a Kusudama Flower

Kusudama, the ornamental Japanese paper flower can be made in a few steps. Kusudama balls can be made in different shapes and patterns, to start off let’s make a flower.

Paper Cup Flowers Tutorial

If you’ve got a birthday party and you want to put up some colorful decorations within a short time, then these paper cup flowers would be the best choice. This is easily one of my favorite paper cup craft projects due to its sheer simplicity and this

Velvet Flower Making – Tutorial

Velvet flowers are simple, can be made in very little time and these serve as elegant embellishments.

How to make a Ribbon Rose with Satin

Satin ribbon roses are my favorite, these are simple to make and have an elegant look. Let’s see the procedure of making roses with satin ribbon. A few folds is all it takes!