Fabric and Needlework Archive

Fabric tape tea lights – DIY

Here is how you could add some color to tea light candles… A set of fabric tape tea lights have been made using fabric tape in different colors and patterns… Such a simple craft project to instantly add color to your homes!!

Handmade Cross Stitch Card

I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at cross stitch for a long time now… and so when a friend gifted me a cool book on Cross Stitch designs, I had to try it out. So here goes… my first attempt at making a cross stitch pattern

Fringed Felt Flower Tutorial

Here is a tutorial with steps to make a fringed felt flower. This is a simple flower making work and needs no sewing. These felt flowers can be used on multiple art and craft projects.

Felt Anemone Brooch

Anemone flowers are one of the simplest and yet beautiful flowers one can find… pure ‘black and white’ beauty. Here is an attempt at making a anemone flower felt brooch.

Fabric Scrap Rosettes Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to do this tutorial on making fabric rosettes for a long time now. So when I found a piece of nice fabric scrap, that piece was transformed into a pretty flower in no time.

Felt Hydrangea Flowers – DIY

Hydrangeas, the small and pretty flowers are one of my favorites. I made a little bouquet of pink hydrangeas to give my mom this mother’s day. And the cherry on top is that I get to use my favorite material – felt. I saw a beautiful bouquet of clay

Vintage Lace Rosette – DIY

Lace Rosettes are used to adorn dresses, on hairbands and as embellishments on gifts or greeting cards.

Lovey Dovey Felt Keychain – DIY

A felt key chain could be pretty gift for almost any occasion – this one here is suitable to gift your loved ones.

Cushion Covers with an Ethnic Touch

This is just a simple tutorial on how you could add a little ethnic touch to your cushion covers. You need about 15 minutes to get this done.

Felt Cell Phone Pouch – DIY

My cell phone has been in need of a pouch for long and finally I decided to make one. And my good old friend, ‘felt’ was more than happy to lend a helping hand. So here is how I made it.

Layered Felt Brooch DIY

Continuing in my line of felting experiments, here is a layered felt brooch. You will need single or double sided felt cloth in two colors and sewing thread to make this brooch.

Felt Easter Egg Ornaments Tutorial

With Easter approaching, I just though that I’d make a few ornaments using felt. And this time I decided to make a ‘no sew’ felt ornament. Just felt, scissors and the good old fabric glue.

Shamrock Felt Brooch DIY

Today’s tutorial is a Patrick’s Day felt craft – a simple brooch/pin made using felt cloth.

Jute Coasters – Tutorial

Here is a simple method of making jute coasters. If you’ve got ten minutes to spare, you can make these coasters for your table.

Different Types of Felt Bows DIY

Felt is a favorite of many crafters. It is fun to use felt and the results are always pretty and cool. Here, I’ve tried to provide clear tutorials for three types of Felt bows which are quick and easy to make. 

DIY – Yarn Wrapped Bangle

Wool yarn can be wrapped around your old wooden or plastic bangles. A brand new accessory is what you’ve made for yourself in no time.

Wool Billy Button Flowers DIY

Craspedia flowers or billy buttons can be made using wool yarn to brighten up the living room. These flowers are one of the simplest flowers to make too!

How to Make an Elf Hat

Following in the series of hats, here is the tutorial to make an Elf Hat using felt or velvet cloth. I’ve used velvet cloth for this tutorial. The technique of making the elf hat is similar to how we made the Santa Hat sometime before.

Making a Felt Santa Hat – DIY

Here is how you can make a Santa hat for Christmas using felt. The same technique can be used to make Christmas hats using other types of fabric.

Felt Gift Tag Making

I tried out this felt gift tag for Christmas. It turned out to be pretty decent for the first time.  And here’s how we make it…

How to make Gift wrapping bow with Satin

A tutorial on how to make a simple gift wrapping bow.

Making Felt Party Favors

These felt rosettes are suited as decoration for any occasion and as cute party favors. These can also be used as embellishments on greeting cards.

Making a Yarn Doll

Doll making is a fun activity for kids and this is one of the easiest methods to make a doll.

Making Felt Roses

This tutorial will show you how to make felt roses in a few quick steps. These roses can be used as embellishments in clothing, for decorating pillows, for making a bridal bouquet and so on.

Making Felt Book Cover

Felt is a great material for making different craft experiments starting from the simplest pattern to moderately difficult projects. A felt book cover is definitely a suitable project for beginners.

Making Felt Bird Ornaments

Ornaments can be made using felt or velvet cloth to decorate your festive season. These ornaments can be made in different shapes and designs. This tutorial is to make bird ornament using the stitch and stuff technique.

Buntings for Halloween

These buntings slash banners with a spooky theme will serve great for decorating the indoors or outdoors of your homes for Halloween. 

Making a Traditional Doorway Hanging

Traditional door hangings were in the olden days made of mango leaves which were considered to be auspicious. During festive occasions, these adorned the door ways of homes. Such traditional door hangings (torans) can be made using felt or velvet to decorate the doorway in your homes.

How to make Hair Bows

Boutique quality bows can be made using ribbons in varied sizes and materials. You can make these bows to match your kids’ outfit and can also be attached to headbands.

Velvet Flower Making – Tutorial

Velvet flowers are simple, can be made in very little time and these serve as elegant embellishments.