Decoupage Archive

DIY – Terracotta Pot Decoupage

There were so many gift wrappers lying around and I had to use them up. So I took an old terracotta pot and decided to give a decoupage face lift to the old pot.

Decoupage – The Cut and Paste craft

Decoupage is a cutting out art and craft technique in which cutouts of materials such as paper, leaves, felt or stones are glued onto a surface in a particular combination or fashion. We shall see a few decoupage techniques and the methodology.

Scrapbooking – Cherish old memories!

Scrapbooking is always fun to do! It is an interesting craft that anyone can start on. You can have scrap books on your interests, favorite moments, pictures from your childhood days, news items that capture your attention or any such thing which you like or are passionate