Clay Crafts Archive

Clay butterfly decor – DIY

Sometime back, I was telling you about a craft exhibition organized by Dastkar… I bought two small butterflies made out of clay at this fair. These butterflies each was prices at about ten bucks (Rupees) and I had to buy them. There is a small loop made

LadyBug Magnet – Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make a cute refrigerator magnet using self hardening clay. This ladybug magnet is easy to shape and paint…so you could give it a shot!

Clay Jhumkas in silver hoops – DIY

A simple silver hoop can be transformed into a piece of jewelry with a traditional touch… here is a DIY on making clay jhumkas and using them to make some unique jhumka hoops. 

Ethnic Clay earrings – DIY

A simple tutorial that will show you how ethnic clay earrings can be made using self hardening clay, acrylic colors, eye pins and fish hook ear wires.  The technique used is simple and can be used to make your own terracotta jewelry style earrings to go with

Madhubani Clay Magnets – DIY

Madhubani or Mithila paintings are one of the traditional paintings of India and are known for their bright colors and distinct style. In this tutorial here, we try to bring this beautiful art form in small colorful magnets made out of clay.

Play Clay Caterpillar

A caterpillar could be made out of play clay by kids using a few simple steps outlined below.

Clay Mural on Wooden Block

Clay murals can be done on almost any surface. In this tutorial, you will see how a clay mural can be done on a block of wood.

Polymer Clay Lilies – DIY

Its been long since I made something using Polymer clay. Calla lilies are made here using M Seal (alternatively polymer clay can be used). A simple tutorial follows.

Clay Mural Work on Pot

Here is a simple mural work made on a mud pot, a little enhanced version of a pot painting.

Jizo Sculpture using Polymer Clay

Jizo Botatsu or ‘Jizo’ as affectionately called is one of the most favorite deities of Japan. This deity is actually a monk who is believed to alleviate one’s suffering and bring peace.