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Make satin ribbon bows using a fork

Here is how you can make satin ribbon bows using a fork with a no-sew technique.  These can be made in under a minute and are suitable for embellishing dresses or making hair accessories.

Diamond jewelry – truly forever!

You think jewelry and the first thing that comes to mind are the sparkly white gems called ‘diamonds’ that instantly add glow to anyone wearing them. There’s definitely something about these stones that draws our attention. The fine cuts, the sparkle, the different shapes and the brilliance of

Rakhi Making For Kids – Using Craft Foam

With just a few more days to go for Raksha Bandhan, here is another Rakhi making tutorial which is suitable for kids to make for their siblings. These are perfect for kids as they like funkier and ‘not so ornamental’ rakhi designs… We will be using craft

Felt Anemone Brooch

Anemone flowers are one of the simplest and yet beautiful flowers one can find… pure ‘black and white’ beauty. Here is an attempt at making a anemone flower felt brooch.

Satin Anemone Rosette Headband

Satin ribbon has been used to make this simple satin anemone flower rosette. These rosettes can be used to adorn headbands, to make boutonnières and so on..

Vintage Lace Rosette – DIY

Lace Rosettes are used to adorn dresses, on hairbands and as embellishments on gifts or greeting cards.

Felt Cell Phone Pouch – DIY

My cell phone has been in need of a pouch for long and finally I decided to make one. And my good old friend, ‘felt’ was more than happy to lend a helping hand. So here is how I made it.

Layered Felt Brooch DIY

Continuing in my line of felting experiments, here is a layered felt brooch. You will need single or double sided felt cloth in two colors and sewing thread to make this brooch.

Different Types of Felt Bows DIY

Felt is a favorite of many crafters. It is fun to use felt and the results are always pretty and cool. Here, I’ve tried to provide clear tutorials for three types of Felt bows which are quick and easy to make. 

Gift Wrapper Pendant

A piece of gift wrapper can be turned into a charming pendant in no time. Here’s how.

DIY – Yarn Wrapped Bangle

Wool yarn can be wrapped around your old wooden or plastic bangles. A brand new accessory is what you’ve made for yourself in no time.

Quilled Hoop Earrings DIY

I can’t have enough quilled earrings. Simple patterns and pretty results – only quilling can give you that. So here is another simple hoop pattern designs made using quilling strips.

Wood Jewelry – A spotlight

Wood jewelry is made using different types of wood carved in intricate patterns and designs. Wooden beads are used to make various types of jewelry and the most common of them being painted wooden jewelry.

Vintage Jewelry Designs

Vintage jewelry is the term which indicates that jewelry is eras old. The eras such as Early Victorian, Georgian, Art Deco and Retro are the most common among vintage jewelry. Early Victorian jewelry is the preferred choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings since these

How to make Hair Bows

Boutique quality bows can be made using ribbons in varied sizes and materials. You can make these bows to match your kids’ outfit and can also be attached to headbands.

Platinum Diamond Rings

Platinum and diamond rings are a great combination, these are one of the best choices for your wedding or engagement. Here we shall see a few platinum rings with diamonds studded to give you an idea of the designs available for selection.

Bracelets Collection

I recently saw an ad on television which says friends are like jewelry; the more you have, the happier you feel. Bracelet is one such piece of jewelry which unlike many other types of its counterparts can be worn with any outfit. All you really have to

Cufflinks – ideal gift for Him!

It is the season to give (of gifting) and so a time for gift ideas as well! It is always a challenge to shop for men… You have got very few choices you see! One of the best gifts you can always get a guy is cufflinks. These

Engagement Rings

Of all jewelry, an engagement ring is one of the most important ornaments, which you pick out with utmost care. This ring represents your love and is something you’d treasure for years to come! The most preferred engagement ring is the diamond studded one which most prefer

Hoop Earrings!

Hoop earrings have always been popular among women. These days a rage is seen even among celebrities of tinsel town for hoop earrings. There are various types of hoop earrings in different models available. The most common is the good old large single goop earring. Let’s see

Accessorize with Silver

One of the precious metals used for making ornaments is Silver. Due to its chemical properties, this metal finds its use in various industries, one of them being the Jewelry industry. For many years silver has been used for making ornaments and utensils. Silver utensils were predominantly

Jewelry – a symbol of personal identity

Jewelry has been popular among women for ages – over the decades jewelry which was once used for adornment of oneself has transformed itself into an icon of personal identity. With a piece of jewelry, one can make a fashion