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Dastkar – a feast for handicraft lovers

Dastkar is a society for craftspeople based out of India.The organisation conducts various exhibitions and melas to bring the work of craftspeople to a common platform in an organized manner. I had been to one of Dastkar’s recent exhibitions at Chennai and loved it! A glimpse of

Quilling Christmassy Earrings – DIY

This is a DIY on making quiling earrings in the Christmassy colors red and green. This is my first attempt at making something using Susan’s beehive quilling technique as well! So let’s begin the tute on making these pretty pair of Christmassy earrings…!

Tightly Quilled Earrings in Purple – DIY

This tutorial shows how to make a pair of tightly quilled earrings using purple and magenta color quilled strips.

Pink beads ankle bracelet DIY

Here is an easy ankle bracelet diy project which explains how a beaded ankle bracelet can be made using acrylic and pearl beads.

Yellow n’ White Quilled Jhumkas – DIY

Here is a tutorial on making a pair of quilled jhumkas with studs using paper quilling strips. The steps are similar to some of the tutorials we saw earlier but these have a more complete and traditional look due to the studs.

Green and Magenta bead hoop earrings – DIY

Here is how you can make a pair of traditional style bead hoop earrings with small gumball beads and tear drop acrylic beads. Another simple earring design with a tutorial.

Clay Jhumkas in silver hoops – DIY

A simple silver hoop can be transformed into a piece of jewelry with a traditional touch… here is a DIY on making clay jhumkas and using them to make some unique jhumka hoops. 

Ethnic Clay earrings – DIY

A simple tutorial that will show you how ethnic clay earrings can be made using self hardening clay, acrylic colors, eye pins and fish hook ear wires.  The technique used is simple and can be used to make your own terracotta jewelry style earrings to go with

Blue crystal spiral earrings – DIY

Continuing in our series of spiral earrings made with silver wire, here is an elegant piece of jewelry you can make using bicone acrylic crystal beads and silver wire.

Quilling Paper Jhumkas – DIY

Here is a pair of  quilling paper jhumkas made using quilling strips in red shade and green crystal beads with an ethnic touch. The colors of the bead and paper used provide a rich contrast to the piece.

Quilling Jhumkas with daffodil bead – DIY

A simple paper quilling coil can be converted into a jhumka to make your own pair of pretty earrings with a different style. The earrings pair made here uses paper quilling jhumkas and frosted daffodil beads in two mild colors.

Easy Floral Studs – Tutorial

If you’re looking to make a piece of jewelry in under five minutes, these floral studs could be your best bet. The supplies needed are basic and you hardly need any of the beading tools for this jewelry making project.

Butterfly bead earrings with a twist – DIY

If you’ve got a piece of silver wire, ear hooks and beads, you can make for yourself these differently designed pair of butterfly bead earrings with silver spiral. So how do you make these earrings? – Tutorial follows…

Bead Cap Chandelier earrings

A pair of bead cap chandelier earrings are made here using bead caps, tear drop beads and jump rings. This technique can also be used to make earrings using chandelier earring findings.

Crystal and Spiral earrings – Tutorial

Acrylic pillow case beads and some neatly made wire spirals can give you a pretty pair of beaded spiral earrings. Here we see how to make the spirals out of wire and the steps for connecting them to make the earrings.

DIY Beaded hoop earrings – Wrapping technique

These beaded hoop earrings are made by wrapping beads in a pattern – quick and easy to make. The technique can be extended to make hoop earrings in different patterns and with different kinds of beads.

Make satin ribbon bows using a fork

Here is how you can make satin ribbon bows using a fork with a no-sew technique.  These can be made in under a minute and are suitable for embellishing dresses or making hair accessories.

Diamond jewelry – truly forever!

You think jewelry and the first thing that comes to mind are the sparkly white gems called ‘diamonds’ that instantly add glow to anyone wearing them. There’s definitely something about these stones that draws our attention. The fine cuts, the sparkle, the different shapes and the brilliance of

Dangling Crystal Hoops – DIY

An elegant pair of crystal hoops can be made with two kinds of crystal beads, seed beads and using basic earring making techniques.

Heart Bead Earrings – DIY

We begin our valentines day crafts with these pretty pair of heart bead earrings made using acrylic crackle beads and bi-cone beads in pink and purple shades. 

Purple Daffodil Earrings DIY

A lovely pair of bead earrings diy is shown here – these earrings are made with a pair of purple color lucite acrylic daffodil beads. 

DIY Necklace with Jade – Beginner Project

Jade is a lovely stone for beading projects – in this DIY necklace project, we will be using green jade beads and an assortment a few other types of beads in shades of green. With a few techniques used, this project is suitable for beginners too.

Rectangle bead earrings – DIY

I bought some natural rectangular crystal beads from a wholesale beads store and here is the first pair of earrings I made with them. These crystal bead earrings are made as an extension of the techniques we have used in our previous earring projects.

Pink – Blue Acrylic Bead Earrings DIY

Here is how you can make a pair of acrylic bead earrings using acrylic square pillow beads and bicone crystals. The steps are fairly simple. 

Crystal Teardrop Earrings DIY

One of the simplest earrings you can make using just teardrop acrylic crystals and literally in a jiffy. DIY for making these lovely teardrop earrings follows…

Quilling Flower and Bead Earrings – DIY

Bead earrings made with the typical five petal quilling flower in black and white – the colors that never go out of style! Basic beading and quilling techniques used in the DIY that follows.

Rhinestone bead earrings – DIY

A DIY on making rhinestone and metallic bead earrings is shown. The design of this earring pair has a royal touch to it – the metallic bead gives the earrings that vintage appeal.

Clay Bead Earrings – Tutorial

A clay bead earrings pair is made using clay beads, metal spacers, basic findings and very little time. Here’s the how-to…

Blue Quill and Bead Earrings – DIY

This tutorial shows how bead earrings can be made with crystal beads and a tight quilling paper coil. The technique is simple and this can be extended with different bead and quilling combinations.

Beaded Hoop Earrings – DIY

This elegant pair of beaded hoop earrings is simple to make and can be made in under 20 minutes. Small wooden beads in  two colors have been used to make these earrings.