These beaded hoop earrings are made by wrapping beads in a pattern – quick and easy to make. The technique can be extended to make hoop earrings in different patterns and with different kinds of beads.

Beaded Hoop earrings

Supplies Needed:


Tools Needed:

  1. Wire Cutter
  2. Flat Nose Pliers

How to make beaded hoop earrings:

Step 1:

Start by wrapping the silver wire around a plain silver hoop. Hold the first wrap with flat nose pliers and wrap the wire using your other hand.


Step 2:

Make two or three wraps before wrapping the bead pattern.


Step 3:

Slide three plastic gumball beads in yellow color.



Step 4:

Now make three wraps on the hoop as shown.


Step 5:

Repeat these kind of wraps till the end of the hoop. At the end of the hoop, make a few more wire wraps to secure it well.


Step 6:

Cut off any excess wire using wire cutters. The earring is completed.


Step 7:

Repeat steps 1 to 6 for the other earring piece. A simple hoop earrings with a twist is made!


With the similar technique beads can be wrapped in different patterns; instead of wrapping beads in clusters of three, beads can be wrapped one after one too.