Idukku pulli kolam is a type of pulli kolam (dotted kolam) which is drawn on a base of interlaced dots/oodu pulli/idukku pulli. This is a simple idukku pulli kolam for beginners to get comfortable with this type of pulli kolam.

Beginner Idukku Pulli Kolam

How to Draw an Idukku Pulli Kolam:

Step 1:

A hexagonal base of dots is made. Always start with the middle row – in this case the row with 5 dots is drawn first. Then place the subsequent row of dots. Unlike naer pulli kolams, here the dots in each row is diagonal to its adjacent row.

Step 2:

Drawing the center circle gives better clarity of the grid of dots.

Step 3:

Step 4:

We will slowly proceed to more complex idukku pulli kolams.