Monthly Archive:: May 2012

Cherry Blossoms Kusudama – Tutorial

There are many types of the traditional kusudama. This beautiful art of paper folding will never stop surprising you. The various patterns and the different method of making the units only result in increasing my kusudama addiction! The one we see here is a Sakuradama or a

Origami Samurai Helmet

Hat making is always cherished by kids as it is something they can make, wear and ‘show off’ with pride. Origami Samurai helmet or hat is a fun origami model for kids to make and wear. It involves a few easy steps and will come in handy

Origami Heart Corner Bookmark Tutorial

A lovely corner bookmark made using a few simple folds of paper. This bookmark can be made as a Valentines’s Day give away with initials inscribed. I’ve used handmade paper to make this bookmark. You can even make a banner with these paper hearts.

Stone Studded Push Pins

Push pins can be transformed into pretty pieces with rhinestone toppings in a few minutes. These board pins can add an element of sparkle to your work space and lift up your mood. Crystals can alternatively be used for this.

Foam Masquerade Mask

Craft foam Masquerade Masks – in a few quick steps.

Beginner Idukku Pulli Kolam – Steps

Idukku pulli kolam is a type of pulli kolam (dotted kolam) which is drawn on a base of interlaced dots/oodu pulli/idukku pulli. This is a simple idukku pulli kolam for beginners to get comfortable with this type of pulli kolam.

Tissue Paper Doilies – DIY

This is how you could make tissue paper doilies using the technique of kirigami. The method is similar to how we made paper snowflakes. You can make similar kind of doilies using starched fabric as well with crisper cuts for a clear pattern.

Spiral Foam Roses – Tutorial

This DIY tutorial will show you how to make foam roses using the spiral cut technique. This is one of the old techniques to make roses quickly. The technique is simple and you can make these along with your kids as a fun project. Supplies: We will

3D Origami Butterfly – Tutorial

3D Origami is so addictive…I just can’t stop making these models… albeit time consuming! I loved the colors in this origami butterfly…

Lace Earrings – DIY

A piece of lace ribbon can be transformed into a piece of elegant jewelry within minutes. Here is the tutorial… But before we begin… the steps to make these earrings depends on the type of lace chosen, so this is just to give an idea and get