Monthly Archive:: March 2012

Traditional Origami Star – How To

Here is how you could make the traditional origami star. I’ve tried to make the tutorial self explanatory with the pictures. Have fun!

Origami Cap

Here is how you can make a paper cap using the technique of Origami. The size of the paper used here is 8″ X 8″ for the purpose of demonstration. You would need a bigger sheet of paper if you actually want to use the cap!

Clay Mural on Wooden Block

Clay murals can be done on almost any surface. In this tutorial, you will see how a clay mural can be done on a block of wood.

Cushion Covers with an Ethnic Touch

This is just a simple tutorial on how you could add a little ethnic touch to your cushion covers. You need about 15 minutes to get this done.

Madhubani Style Pot Painting

Madhubani Paintings, also known as Mithila paintings is one of the ancient forms of painting which originated in Mithila, in the state of Bihar. The paints were made using natural dyes/pigments and painted using twigs or fingers. In the ancient days, the mud walls of houses served

DIY – Terracotta Pot Decoupage

There were so many gift wrappers lying around and I had to use them up. So I took an old terracotta pot and decided to give a decoupage face lift to the old pot.

Felt Cell Phone Pouch – DIY

My cell phone has been in need of a pouch for long and finally I decided to make one. And my good old friend, ‘felt’ was more than happy to lend a helping hand. So here is how I made it.

Black & White Nail Designs

Here are a set of nail designs in black and white. These colors are good to go with any party wear and most of the designs are such that they can be carried well with formal wear too. I stumbled upon many of these nail designs as

M Seal Necklace

M Seal is a convenient product to use for making different hand crafted items. Here is an attempt at making a necklace using M Seal.

Layered Felt Brooch DIY

Continuing in my line of felting experiments, here is a layered felt brooch. You will need single or double sided felt cloth in two colors and sewing thread to make this brooch.