Monthly Archive:: January 2012

Red N’ Black Scallop Card

This Valentine’s Day card is made using a heart scallop, patterned card, lace, velvet flower and rhinestones. A cupboard type opening is made for this card.

‘The Roses are Red’ – Anniversary Card

A traditional type handmade Anniversary card is shown here. Supplies used are patterned paper, silver lace, satin roses, leaves and rhinestones.

Evergreen Love – Handmade Card

Shades of green patterned paper used here to portray ‘that’  beautiful evergreen feeling.

‘Thinking of You’ Colorful Handmade Card

A colorful card to make your loved ones smile.

‘For You’ Handmade Card

The next card in the row to celebrate the Season of Love is here. Patterned paper in yellow and chrome shades have been used. The other supplies used here are buttons, beaded lace, rhinestones and foam flowers.

Congratulations Card – Quilled Pattern

A congratulations card has been made using patterned card and quilling strips. Patterned card of purple and pink shade has been used.

Congratulating on a New Home – Card

Here is a handmade card to congratulate on a new home. The card has a simplistic design.

Black and Silver Thank You Card

Here is a card in the salt and pepper shades. It is quite a simple card made using a few supplies.

Valentines Day Heart Scallop Card

With Valentines Day nearing, here is the first card to start celebrating the season of Love!

It’s a Baby Girl – Handmade Card

Here is a simple card to welcome a new family member to its home. 

Origami Kusudama Star Model – DIY

This Kusudama Star model can be made quite easily. All you need is a little patience and about 30 to 40 minutes to spare.

Polymer Clay Lilies – DIY

Its been long since I made something using Polymer clay. Calla lilies are made here using M Seal (alternatively polymer clay can be used). A simple tutorial follows.

Teardrop Bunch Pattern Quilled Earring

Here are the quilled earrings I made drawing inspiration from a bunch of grapes. These are made using quilled pieces of teardrop pattern and tight coils.

Quilled Oval Hoops

Hoop earrings made using the technique of quilling. 

Chain Type Quilled Paper Earrings

This is a chain type earring model made with four quilled pieces. 

Making Paper Grass – Origami

Origami Grass will come in handy when making an origami scenery. Here are the steps to fold paper grass.

Origami Cloud

An origami cloud is one of the easy origami models that is suitable for kids. Here is the tutorial.

Red and Green Quilled Earrings

Being a rookie to quilling, my experiments with these amazing strips of paper shall continue… I had made these earrings to go with my new outfit in a red and green combination. The earring design is quite simple and are made using strips of 3 mm wide