A couple of rangoli designs which can be drawn for the New Year. Sangu or Shank in Sanskrit (conch shell) is considered to be a sacred object which is blown at the start of an auspicious occasion.  Conch shells bring out a sound which is considered Divine and hence these shells are preserved as spiritual aids which purify the house.

These rangolis are very much suitable for Pongal and Sankanthi festivals too.

Rangoli 1 – Outline:

Sangu Rangoli1Rangoli 1 – Colored:

Sangu Rangoli1

The below rangoli is simpler and requires a smaller space to be drawn.

Rangoli 2 – Outline:

Sangu Rangoli2Rangoli 2 – Colored:

These rangolis can be drawn as free hand drawings and do not need a dots base.