Monthly Archive:: December 2011

Quilled Five Petal Flower Earrings – DIY

We made the basic tear drop pattern earrings sometime back and this is the next in the quilled earrings experiments series. This is a simple pattern which is made by quilling five petal flowers. Here is the tutorial.

Quilled Basket of Flowers

Flowers are the ‘perfect’ gift for any occasion. And here is my first attempt at making a quilled basket of flowers made to gift around the holidays.

Simple 5X5 Kambi Kolam Designs

These Kolam designs are the ones that came out as a result of my experimentation with 5 X 5 matrix dots. The 5 X 5 matrix is my favorite because these are the ones that come in handy when you’re in a hurry and you have to

Handmade Pongal Card

A colorful pongal/sankranthi greeting card putting together felting and quilling. The typical Pongal pot design for the central theme.

Sangu Rangoli Designs – For an auspicious New Year

A couple of rangoli designs which can be drawn for the New Year. Sangu or Shank in Sanskrit (conch shell) is considered to be a sacred object which is blown at the start of an auspicious occasion.  Conch shells bring out a sound which is considered Divine

Simple Floral Design – New Year Card

A simple quilled handmade card for the New Year.

Handmade Monochromatic Greeting Card

Here is a monochromatic handmade card made using shades of pink.

Quilled Birthday Card – Shades of Blue

I made a simple quilled birthday card for my friend for her birthday. Here are a few snapshots.

Butterfly Rangoli Designs

Here are a couple of pretty and colorful butterfly rangoli designs shown step by step for you to try.

Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

These three dimensional paper ball ornaments are easy to do and are sure to make your Christmas trees look prettier.

Heart Shaped Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can make heart shaped Christmas tree ornaments by recycling gift wrapping paper. Here is how.

Making Party Hats

Making party hats is quite simple. Here is how.

How to Fold an Origami Shirt

Origami clothes are fun to make and most of the require only a few folds to get a finished model. Here is how you can fold a shirt using the technique of Origami.

Make Egyptian Wrist Bands

Making costumes is an interesting activity. We can try out different designs and experiment with different materials. Here is how you can make an Egyptian style wrist band using chart paper (or construction paper).

How to Make an Elf Hat

Following in the series of hats, here is the tutorial to make an Elf Hat using felt or velvet cloth. I’ve used velvet cloth for this tutorial. The technique of making the elf hat is similar to how we made the Santa Hat sometime before.

Beginner Rangoli Designs – Floral Pattern

Here are some rangoli designs drawn using 6 X 6  straight dots. These are simple designs and are suitable forbeginners and those who want to draw smaller colorful patterns.

Star Rangoli Designs

Here is a collection of star rangoli designs to add more sparkle to your festive season. These Rangoli designs are suitable for any occasion, be it Diwali or Christmas.

How to Make a Witch Hat for Halloween

A simple tutorial to make a witch hat for costume parties or for your kid’s on-stage adventures. These witch hats are perfect for Halloween too!

Flower Border Kolams

The kolam patterns drawn to make the border for your main kolam can add charm and perfection to your overall kolam design. Here are a few flower designs which can be drawn as borders for your kolams.

Deepam Border Kolam

Border Kolams  give a finishing touch and a richer look to kolams. Here are deepam (vilakku) borders which can be drawn around the kolams during festive season. These kolams will be suitable for drawing along the sides of staircases and door entrances too.

Tulasi Madam Kolam

The Tulasi Madam as it is called is a sacred spot in the house where the Tulsi plant is kept in a rectangular pot like structure. The plant is considered sacred and is worshiped with pujas and rituals performed. During auspicious occasions, Tulasi madam kolam is drawn in houses. Here are a few

Making a Felt Santa Hat – DIY

Here is how you can make a Santa hat for Christmas using felt. The same technique can be used to make Christmas hats using other types of fabric.

Paper Flower Christmas Ornaments – DIY

Making ornaments and gift wraps for the holiday season is an exciting and fun activity to do. This DIY tutorial will show you how to make flowery Christmas ornaments using paper.

Origami Christmas Tree Card

This is a Christmas tree card which we will make using the origami card embellishment we made some time back.

Make a Paper Cup Christmas Tree

Following in the series of Christmas crafts we’ve been making, here is how kids can make a simple paper cup Christmas tree, a fun craft activity for kids to do.